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True Colors

"I found that my dream job is actually a good match for me according to my personality."
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True Colors in EUREKA

Let your True Colors shine

  • 5 minute quiz with long lasting impact.
  • Identify your personality.
  • Identify the personalities of your friends and how their True Color differs from your own.
  • Explore Occupations by True Color.
  • Explore Education Themes by True Color.
  • Results are automatically saved.
  • Compare your True Colors results career list against your results from other assessments in EUREKA.
  • Created with permission from the creators of True Colors.
True Colors cards

About True Colors

  • Created in 1978 by Don Lowry.
  • Research based personality profiling system.
  • A career assessment strategy, based on your assessment of your personality.
  • In True Colors, human personality is divided into four broad categories. Each category has specific strengths and weaknesses, as all of us have things we are strong in or do well in; and things that we are weak in.

Find your True Color and Much More!

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Student comments:

  • I liked the True Colors section of the site.
  • The questions make you think about yourself.
  • I really like the True Color assessment.
  • I like all the little quizes.
  • It shows you a lot of being yourself.
  • I liked everything about the site.
  • I was surprised how accurate my self-assessment was.

Used in High Schools, Colleges and homes across the US.

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