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We provide accurate and detailed career information. Our descriptive databases include jobs and careers that require training from the apprenticeship level through postgraduate degrees. We pride ourselves in providing the most up-to-date information available. "EUREKA is a Goldmine of Career Information" includes these career databases includes these career information databases
  • Occupations: Over 800 complete occupation descriptions, approximately 1,000 related occupations, and more than 2,000 titles. Detailed and clearly written descriptions with distinct topics of information such as wages and outlook. Hundreds of links to Professional Associations provide real-world insights to given careers.

    Sample Occupation Description


  • Brief Occupations (English): Over 500 brief occupation descriptions in an easy-to-understand format.

  • Brief Occupations (Spanish): The Spanish equivalent of the English Brief Occupations.

  • Military Occupations: Descriptions of occupations found in the Military include links to military-related websites. Cross-references to civilian counterparts help to see how military experience can be transferred to the civilian labor force.

  • International Occupations: Occupations found in the International labor market.


Complementary Databases

  • Job Search: Covers the entire job search process with tips, resume templates, and interview techniques including informational interviews.
  • Entrepreneurship (Self-Employment): Insights into owning your own business. If you think this may be the best way for you to earn a living, then check out this database.
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